TCP/IP Control Panel | Reinstalling TCP/IP Preferences

Once you have confirmed that the settings in your TCP/IP Control Panel are correct, the next step in troubleshooting your connection is to recreate your TCP/IP Preferences.

Note: If you have multiple configurations, deleting the Preferences file will delete all of them.

To reinstall your TCP/IP Preferences file,

  • Open the HD/System Folder/Preferences
  • In the directory list you should see the TCP/IP Preferences option

  • Highlight the file and drag it to the trash
  • Close any open windows
  • Empty the Trash by clicking Special on the Menu Bar, and then Empty Trash
  • When the Trash is empty, go back into the TCP/IP Control Panel, and reconfigure it so that it reflects the proper Destiny settings.
  • Exit the window and save the changes.
  • Restart your computer